Obtain Health License for Alkaline Stick

Diba tejarat co has been licensing health products for its products since 1393. Stick alkaline is in the category of food related products and has been successful in obtaining licensing health...

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Diba Tejarat Attendance
in Agro Food Exhibition

Diba Tejarat Company based on knowledge In order to achieve a position of international trade for the first alkaline stick supply as a unique product in the food industry. Diba Tejarat Company attendance in agro food exhibition to offer their products in the field of water purification and refining in 14 halls.

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About Smart life


Smart life is the international brand of Diba Tejarat Company. This brand has 2 series of products: Water Filters and Odor Removals.further evidences showed that these products do not just mask the unpleasant smell, but also completely remove the odor…

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