Having Alkaline life and Antioxidant water is one of the most effective methods to live healthy and free of diseases. Antioxidant Plus Stick is an ultra powerful filter that treats water to a strong Antioxidant.
This stick adds high levels of Magnesium and Calcium ions in water and increases its pH level up to 9.
Antioxidant Plus Stick balances the acidity to alkalinity and converts drinking water


  • Saves time by working 2-3 times faster than Alkaline Stick
  • Attains the stronger ionization and the higher pH level (up to 9)
  • Releases Nitrate, Sulfate and Chlorine up to 90%
  • Has extra Magnesium ions
  • Boosts body metabolism
  • Is usable for 450 half-liter bottles or 150 one and a half liters bottles
  • Creates strong negative charge of Oxidant Reduction Potential (ORP -800 to -1000 mv)